Tel Web Design

In todays market you need to have some kind of presence on the web. More and more consumers are looking you up online. If your competition has a web presence and you don’t your not going to see their business. Tempo Enterprises LLC is proud to offer web design and development services. We offer competitive rates and never sacrifice quality. We will work with you to build your web presence from the ground up to serve your needs online.

Already have a website but want a better design and greater functionality? We can help you there too.

Call or email us for a quote or explore our pricing packages below!


2 pages with custom design


  • 12 Months Hosting
  • Personal Domain Name
  • Website Index Page
  • One Custom Page
  • 2 Plugins


5 Pages with Custom Design


  • 12 Months Hosting
  • Personal Domain Name
  • Website Index Page
  • Flash Banner
  • Flash Homepage or Intro
  • Mobile Ready
  • Single Custom Form (database collection extra)


10 Pages with Custom Design


  • 12 Months Hosting
  • Up to Two Domain Names
  • E-commerce
  • Merchant Srvices
  • Shopping Cart
  • PDF File Downloads
  • Video Uploads
  • JQuery Slideshows
  • Mailing List
  • Two Custom Forms (database collection extra)
  • Mobile Ready
  • Google Apps with 10 Email Addresses


Premium Packages, Unlimited Pages


  • Unlimited SlideShows
  • Unlimited Video Uploads
  • Facebook Page Template
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Googel Apps or Office 365 Integration
  • Visitor Statistics
  • Mobile Applications
    • Iphone
    • Android
    • Tablets

All Packages Include

  • Unlimited Emails
  • No Popup Ads
  • Wordpress CMS
  • iContact Integration
  • No Obligatory Contracts
  • SEO Optimizations
  • Social Network Integration
Additional Services