Leasing Agency

Lease from Tempo

Can’t find a good tenant?

Can’t rent your property?

Are you losing rental income?

Tempo can help, at no immediate cost to you!

At Tempo, we receive 30+ calls a day and have a large database of perspective tenants looking for their next home. We can help you fill your vacancy and revive your rental income.

As a client of Tempo we will:

  • Inspect your property to determine the condition of the unit and gather a list of features.
  • Conduct a market analysis to determine the rental rate.
  • Take pictures and video.
  • Advertise rentals through digital media, the internet, and all social media networks.
  • Schedule appointments to show the unit.
  • Screen applicants through:
    • Credit and criminal background check.
    • Landlord and employment reference.
    • Conduct a present home inspection.
    • Financial analysis to confirm tenants level of affordability.
    • Setup rental payments with public assistance to owners.
    • Confirm any potential tenants with owner for final approval.

The cost of our services is a flat fee of $375 per unit. This includes everything stated above and then some. If we are unsuccessful at renting your property, there is NO Charge. We only get paid if a tenant moves into your property. So, as an owner, you have nothing to loose by giving Tempo the chance to rent your unit!